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At Home Together :: Storytelling Improv Style

While we are all isolating this month, let’s make the most of it!

Take a tip from improv groups across the country - here’s a very simple way to create a spontaneous story to pass the time. You could even make a contest to choose the best story at the end of the night - or just pop some popcorn, make some hot cocoa, sit back, and enjoy the stories.

Choose one person to be the story-teller. They should ask someone to shout out a character (superman, a cowboy, the dentist, a little boy), a place (the golf course, a bathroom, planet Mars), a time (yesterday, the week before the apocalypse, today at 2 pm), and a problem (a meteor is hurtling towards earth, there is no more ice cream, it’s raining).

From there, the story-teller will make up a story on the spot. At any point they can call on the “audience” to give them another detail, which they have to work into the story. It can be as short or long as their creativity leads them. Tomorrow I’ll share a variation for telling the story in the round, and getting everyone involved.

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