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The Path of Creative Living

“Because creative living is a path for the brave.” (Author Elizabeth Gilbert).

I saw this today on the Facebook feed of one of my favorite creative spots,
Let’s Make Art. This incredible company creates kits and provides tutorials (FREE!) for watercolor, art journaling, and lettering. They were sharing this quote from their company book club read by Elizabeth Gilbert. And it struck me, because I’ve been thinking a lot about our students, those who dive into writing projects because they LOVE to write and can’t help putting the stories in their heads onto paper, and also those who loathe writing, because it’s scary, hard, or just feels like too much. Sharing our stories requires bravery, and bravery is made stronger in creative living. Today I encourage you to be brave, build bravery, and be creative. Encourage your children to walk that path of creative living, not only in storytelling, but in whatever way they find to express themselves. Get to know them better through their creativity, and watch you all flourish!

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