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At Home Together :: Getting Crafty

While we are all isolating this month, let’s make the most of it!

One fan of
A Pirate’s Guide sent in this suggestion - grab a workbook, start reading the story with your kids. Then use this extra time we have together to get them started on a project, one which they can continue while you get back to the many things you already have to do!

  • Get some cardboard boxes (cereal, or Amazon, or …) and let them recreate Captain Yogger LeFossa’s pirate ship.

  • Give them some paper (or an old pillowcase) to create their own pirate flag.

  • Grab some “treasure” and have them hide it and create a treasure map. X marks the spot! When dad or siblings get home, have them go on a treasure hunt.

  • Spend the day speaking in pirate.

  • Google “pirate word search” and let them spend some time searching for piratey words. Argh.

  • Create a pirate character and then sketch out what they look like (this goes great with the character exercises in A Pirate’s Guide).

  • Spend some time on youtube and learn how to make sailing knots.

Have more fun pirate ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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