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The Captain of My Own Story :: Benefits of creativity and storytelling.

I’m writing this during the 2020 Covid-19 “lockdown.” Today, I watched a video of John Krasinski and “SGN” - Some Good News. Ironically, at minute 20:20, guest Jon Stewart is giving advice to a 2020 graduate.

“You have no idea what is about to come at you … Embrace that … This is a world filled with possibility, and I am steeled and ready for the challenge that lay before me. Now what? I am the captain of my own ship, and
I will write this story.”

I share this because this is at the heart of why
A Pirate’s Guide (and Wondertale Press) exists - to help people write their own stories. This is your life! This is your student’s life! Write your story. Get the tools you need to tell it with confidence. And then go live life and write your story, both in how you live, and in how you tell it. It’s a miraculous thing.

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